Cherrykoko Spree 3

spree items
Hmmmm, did I say that I won’t buy from Cherrykoko again just a few months ago due to their crappy refund policy. However I ended organizing another spree since there were a few requests from various people and here are the spoils.

ordered items
The clothes ordered came in all sorts of color, size and designs that there was only 1 item that had an overlap

The photo on the left is from the official website and the one on the left is the actual product. I would say that the boots were of high quality and close to the photo.

1 of my favorite pieces from the Autumn/Winter collection, too bad I am not going to any places that needed a cold wear.

1 of the cardigan from the lot, really cute with the heart shape motifs but jackets/cardigans at the website now is really thick and much more suitable for colder temperature.

The fur attachment on the shoulder just made the design of the sweater more unique.

The blouse that was ordered by 2 person. Definitely, work friendly.

spoil items
Unfortunately, this order has a few mishaps. As usual, the ordering and shipping were smooth as the items were received within 9 days from the order. However, they would only inform you of the out of stock item(s) only after shipment is mailed. Hence, for this order I STILL have 1 item out of stock!!!! (I am really believing that this is a marketing ploy!) So, now I have store credit in their account for the next order. When the shipment arrived, 1 item was missing and only after at least 10 email exchanges then the staff admitted that they miss the item. 10 emails, it was super exhausting especially when the staff said that it is IMPOSSIBLE to have a missing item when I already attached my order page with the missing item circled out and a photo of the items that I had received. Next, there were 3 unsatisfactory items this time. 1 knit had a big hole, 1 blouse had a stain and beads coming off and 1 Tshirt with tiny holes along. 1 good thing was that shipment back to Korea for the spoiled items would be reimbursed by them (in the form of store credit) and shipment of replaced items are also on them. I wonder if they are getting a little sloppy due to their huge popularity with overseas customers especially Taiwan.

With these mishaps, would I order from them again? Yes… I have a tiny sum of store credit with them and looking at the prices of the SAME items at Far East Plaza Shopping which is going at 2 times the price I bought from their website, I would continue to order. Just hope that the next time, there would be no out of stock items 😛 (though I am thinking that it is a bit unlikely.)

Anyway, the next spree would be in March 2012, since the stock online is currently the Autumn/Winter collection. If there is anyone interested to join this spree, please leave a comment here with your email and I would include you in the mailing list when I am placing my order or you can twitter/DM/FB/whatsapp/email me too.

Pros: Fast shipping, payment with credit card, quick responses from customer service, prices cheaper to local shops.
Cons: Not so polite customer service, out of stock items informed only after shipping resulting in money stored with website, pricier shipping due to EMS shipping

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