Rounding up 2011

365 days came and went by again. Today is the last day of 2011, so what have you all been up to?
This year’s rounding up series would be a little different. Instead of collages, I would use my favourite Instagram photos to do the talking of my 2011 highlights.

Bought a new camera, and thanks to it, I have excellent photos which I really love to capture my favourites on earth, people and food.

family dinner
Lots of excellent home cooked food besides the eat outs.

My first winter wonderland experience with so much snow.

Went back to Austin after a 2 year hiatus and had a great time with my Austin friends.

Reunited with my favorite BBQ places in Austin and more meats!

Golden Gate
Spent great times in San Francisco with friends and had a lot of great food and sights. Napa Valley was awesome.

Had my first calgel experience in Japan (and in my life too), thanks to a wonderful person who made the appointment for me.

Visited Kyushu for the first time and even though it was just a short 2 nights trip but I still made it to some off the beaten track places.

chicken soup
Nothing beats a bowl of steaming Ginseng Chicken soup in Seoul, South Korea.

Great Malacca food even though melting in the sweltering heat.

Receiving the bowls and plate we made by hand.

The awesome girly meet ups in Ice cold beer with my closest girlfriends.

Great satisfaction from a Hokkaido crab meal in Tokyo.

Getting great packages all year around……nothing beats surprise packages when you least expect it.

The greatest form of geek satisfaction of replacing my iphone 3GS battery.

Making use of the kitchens at times for home cooked meals.

jill stuart
A year of excellent deals from the world wide web and thanks to my personal couriers in USA and Japan 😉 Thank you and that is why I never step into the malls in Singapore as I get all my shopping from all over the world directly.

Last but not least, the memorable night at our beautiful Singapore bay area where magical things happen that would make us remember it for life. すしさん、愛してるよ。。。

2011, Good Bye!
Can’t wait for 2012 to come……Wishing Everyone a Happy New Year! Cheers!

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