Seafood republic

seafood republic

If you’re a die-hard seafood aficionado, then Singapore Seafood Republic is what you’ve been waiting for. Dubbed THE dining venue for the ultimate in seafood indulgence, its much-heralded kitchen trawls decades of Singapore cuisine history and flair into a singular experience by bringing together the hallowed brands of Palm Beach Seafood, Seafood International, Tung Lok and Jumbo Seafood. Featuring a “live” seafood dining experience, you can delight in many renowned signature dishes such as the republic’s iconic chilli crab and other popular, authentic Singaporean seafood cuisine. Complemented by a relaxing and welcoming environment, this remains a dining retreat perfect for hosting family gatherings, corporate dinners and overseas guests.

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Love this appetiser dish of rojak!

jelly fish
Mum wanted some jelly fish, for $10 this was a huge portion.

spinach tofu
spinach tofu

steam cod
Steamed cod, fresh and soft

butter lobster?
There was a boston lobster promotion but doing this in Cheese and butter combination is too rich a taste for the Chinese taste buds

fruit punch

26 Sentosa Gateway, #01-292 Waterfront,103.826282&spn=0.006295,0.006295&output=embed
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