Yazawa Yakiniku

Post this entry, we had already went to this place for 2 times and “burnt” a lot of money into those thin slices of meats. Yes, this place is really that good and I guessed we must have ordered alot of food and drinks that the servers actually gave us free dessert for our 2nd visit.

Place is really small and crowded especially towards the end of the week so make your reservations early. On one occasion that we even got the 8-10pm slot but luckily they did not ask us to leave after 10pm.

Place was dark but a strong spot light would be right smack in the centre to entice you with those pieces of meat with oil dancing on it.

Yuzu soda and Yuzu on the rocks, we ordered so much that we asked if it was possible to buy the bottle instead of ordering per glass. I blame it on the fact that this just tasted too much like fruit juice.

There was a sake fan amongst us, so hot and cold sake made it to the table too. I do love the pretty sake cups they offered for the cold sake.

Komutan Soup – Ox tail soup. Salty and flavorful but I did not see too much meats inside.

yazawa salad
Love their salad, especially fragrant with the sesame oil

Gomadare Hiyayakko – chilled tofu with sesame sauce.

Ton-toro – Pork neck fatty meat and Tori Momo-niku – Sliced boneless chicken thigh with spicy miso sauce, 2 of the non beef choices. Love the chicken as it was spicy and juicy.

Tan – Ox tongue and Tokusen Tan – Best cut of ox tongue, you would like it if you like chewy bits of your meat

I cannot remember which is which but I do remember we ordered all these different combinations of beef parts ranging from: Jo Kalbi – Premium rib, Rousu, Nakaniku and Tokusen Kiri-otoshi

Getting the meats grilled, the beef cooked really easily as they are all thinly slice.

Annin Tofu – Home made almond jelly but I never is a fan of Caramel.

11 Unity Street Singapore 237995

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2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Saltvinegar
    Mar 10, 2012 @ 14:29:41

    Omg this is so making my mouth water!! Drools

  2. Xuan-er
    Mar 18, 2012 @ 14:47:40

    @caroline: yes it was very yummy……hope to have it again.

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