Tokyo, Japan – Day 1

Finally, went on a Spring break, though it was just a short trip but nevertheless it is always exciting to travel.

eggs in 2!
Flight was slightly delayed the night before so it was a big rush to run to catch the last train at 12am at Haneda airport. Headed out to stock up the fridge the next morning and made many interesting discoveries at the supermarket. 1 of it was that eggs could be sold in packaging of 2 instead of the usual dozens that we see sold in Singapore.

1 of the agenda this trip was to beautify my nails again, the last calgel nail manicure left a really deep impression on you and so this time I did some internet search and decided on this place called, Moonbow at Ebisu. Since I speak only limited Japanese so most of the manicure session was done in silence or broken Japanese. The place was relatively empty at 12pm as I was the first customer of the day. Most places in Japan have discount coupon up to 50% off for the 1st time customer.

hot pepper
However, the 50% off coupon is only limited to the basic manicure (1 color) and hand massage and have to top up for additionally nail art and french design. I accidentally found some coupons off Hot Pepper (a advertisement book that you can find in most train station in Japan or on the internet, offering discount coupons from different beauty related shops). The offer from Hot Pepper is a range of nails from 4900JPY to 6500JPY but only selected from a selected set of design. No change of design is allowed. Since I was fine with the design set offered so I took the 5900JPY offer. I heard from my friend, YM, that this is considered as cheap in Tokyo.

I was surprised that the top layer of the nail was cleaned by an electrical exfoliator as this process is done manually in Singapore. The initial look of the manicure.

After 2 hours, the manicure is finally done. The design chosen is suitable for the spring with some sakura 🙂

〒150-0013 東京都渋谷区恵比寿4-23-14 ASビル5F

The afternoon crowd at 2pm in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Met up with YM for a late lunch.

We decided on this place called Mimiu at Shibuya Markcity. We took 2 bento sets, mine came with rice, cold soba, sashimi and tempura. All for 2100 JPY.

The sashimi looked really fresh! I was really happy.

Hers was similar but came with hot soba. It was great to see her again after our last meet up when she was back in Singapore. We spent some time before her Japanese class to catch up and talk about our favourite topic – beauty related stuff.

〒151-0043 東京都渋谷区道玄坂1-12-5 渋谷マークシティウエスト4階

After we said our good byes, I took a walk around the Loft in Shibuya where there are few levels selling products from stationary to household products to beauty stuff. Managed to buy some stuff that I was asked to buy.

After the sun set, the day became colder so I was craving for something warm. Luckily, JH was agreeable to having Shabu Shabu. Hence we choose to have dinner at Niimura ShabuShabu.

Something to open up your appetite with some seaweed soaked in mild vinegar.

We ordered 2 vegetable set.

Some really awesome thinly sliced Wagyu beef which nearly melted in our mouths.

Ah! What a great way to end the day in Tokyo.



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