Tokyo, Japan – Day 2

Breakfast to start off the day for Day 2.

Pricey strawberries at 550JPY but really sweet and juicy. Can’t wait to go pick strawberries again.

It was a super windy day in Shinjuku that I did not even have to walk but was pushed by the winds to move forward.

floral arrangment
Trying out some shots with the 20mm pancake lens loaned to me.

trying out the new lens
1 of the better shots from the camera for the day.

Lunch was with a group of Japanese friends in Heijouen Yakiniku in Ginza as it started raining at 12pm as stated by the weatherman. This lunch set was only 1500JPY.

the meat
We had different types of sets so we can try more meats. This was so much cheaper compared to the ones I had in Singapore but the taste was so similiar.

Really enjoyable lunch, I was almost ready to order another set 😛 but I remembered that I was on a diet! hehe

〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座6-13-3 井門銀座みゆき通りビル1F

movie poster
Got presented with the poster that I helped in vetting. This movie would be released in end April.

home cooked food
Day ended with some home cooked dinner after running some errands in Ginza, love that Otousan always prepared so much scallop sashimi everytime. ありがとう!


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