Tokyo, Japan – Day 4(a)

Vegan brunch.

Trying to catch the train in action.

Yasukuni Shrine (靖国神社) is one of the popular Sakura viewing spots. Alas, we can see that the trees were still not in bloom yet.

However it would not stop anyone to start having the drinking sessions under the trees, sakura or not.

Most of the eateries were already open with all types of food.

Nice weather to walk even there was no sakura.

kitanomaru park
Next stop would be Kitanomaru Park (北の丸公園), also another popular sakura viewing spot.

chidoriga-fuchi park
Chidorigafuchi Park (千鳥ヶ淵公園) was also in the vicinity at about 20 minutes walk away.

Alot of people were painting and enjoying the afternoon.

chidoriga-fuchi park
The walk was nice but just mostly bare trees.

chidoriga-fuchi park
I pity the statues…….they look so sad from the birds’ poo

one in bloom
only 1 flower in bloom.

plum flower
Usually before the sakura blooms, the plum flowers will bloom.

finally found a fully bloom sakura tree after the 1.5 hours urban hike.


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