For the third drink-venture post, we get to explore more new flavors. Here’s Drink-venture 1 and Drink-venture 2.

Takara Brewery’s perfecture limited chu-hi. This flavor comes from the apples from Aomori-ken which is famous in Japan. I thought I was just drinking apple juice 😛

New peach flavor also newly released in March. This drink is marketed towards the ladies.

Suntory strong chu-hi at 8% alcohol content. This is made from ripe plums

This flavor is lime. I personally prefer the plum flavored one.

Yet to try this but looking forward to trying it out, yakult flavored chu-hi with bits of aloe inside.

Asahi spring limited edition mikan chu-hi, supposedly with 30% fruit juice in it.

1 of my favorite drinks nowadays is yuzu liquor…and this one comes with yuzu and honey…definitely appealing!

Plum chu-hi with yuzu mixed in….definitely appealing to the ladies.


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