Thistlebelle Nail Boutique

gelish manicure
Instead of heading to a nail salon for a gelish manicure, I decided to try some home based salon since it could be a cheaper alternative. Having paid at least $90 for gel manicures in Japan, I should not bulk at having to pay for more than $100 for gel nails in Singapore. However, no harm in trying to source for more deals 🙂

I chanced upon a deal from eVoucher city for Thistlebell Nails which my sister had tried before. For a gelish manicure with 2 nail art design included, the deal was only S$17.50. I thought it was a steal.

gelish manicure
Arrangement for a appointment was not too difficult, I just dropped an email to her and stating the voucher number. She would send reminder sms including direction nearer to the appointment dates. There was a lot of choices in terms of gelish nail polish colors and JY was a really chatty and friendly girl.

gelish manicure
I wanted a simple french manicure with some crystals embossed on it, I was only charged an additional $5 for the french design add on instead of the usual $10 as JY felt apologetic that she was so tired from the night before and she mentioned that it was rare that any one requested for such simple designs. (no choice, work does not allow me to have 3D nail art designs, I would probably be crying at work if I had them on my nails) The whole session lasted for 2 hours including a classic pedicure for S$28. I only paid $50.50 for the gelish manicure/classic pedicure and the nails are pretty still intact after 2 weeks. Also through her, I got to know that to let the crystals shine, I should not apply top coat over them even though the crystals would be more secure.


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