Gmarket Korea Haul 1

My first gmarket Korea collective haul with 3 other friends. 1 great thing about gmarket korea is that there is so many stores for you to choose from and you can consolidate all into 1 shipment. However, there is a limit of only 30 items into 1 shopping cart and so I had to break the order into 2 shopping carts. You would only be able to combine the overseas shipping once. The con would be that the “english” website was still very Korean, especially for sellers who post multiple products into 1 listing and yet did not label them product with numbering and hence it would be a tough time for non-korean reader.

The order was placed on 4/28/2012 to take advantage of the shipping discount for April and delivered to my home on 5/14/2012. The long lead time was due to some items that were waiting for delivery from some sellers but the items ended being cancelled. I was shocked with the huge box that was delivered (measuring about 27cm x 23cm by 20cm) The shipping charged 38200KRW but the actual shipping cost on the slip was 51400KRW, so we had a savings of 13200KRW.

Here are some of the sellers that we bought from that ship worldwide:

hair accessory
Seller name:올어바웃걸
Item descriptions: Handmade hair accessories, can customise with hair band, clips and rubber bands etc.
Review: well made hand made items, free gift included, domestic shipping charge applied.

health tea
Seller name:이티마트
Item descriptions: coffee, tea and office supplies
Review: Great selection of Korean coffee and health tea.

Seller name:무진주 mujinju
Item descriptions: Korean food
Review: Great for Korean seaweed lovers, packed nicely into 1 box.

Seller name:디스코바니
Item descriptions: Made in Korea bags
Review: well made bag, with nice finishing.

Seller name:오모이야리
Review: Well made Tshirts with different prints from this seller and the prices were reasonable. Size was a bit big though.

Seller name: 고고비치
Item description: couple beach wear
Review: a lot of choices for couple wear, items were well made with made in Korea label on.

Seller name: Saragirls
Review: Though stated on the website that the clothes are from Seoul, but no made in Korea label was found on the item purchased. Sewing was alright but the material was not like the usual thick chiffon from Korean purchased sellers I bought before. However ordering from this seller is a breeze as the items are serialised with numbers.

Seller name:(주)티트리
Description: Basic items
Revew: Well made basic items great for layering




Seller name:리얼코코
Review: I usually buy my clothes from Cherrykoko but the clothes from Realcoco is pretty similiar and at least 20% cheaper. Quality wise is pretty close to the usual Korean imports I bought before but some of the sewing was still a little off. I would definitely recommend buying from this seller though it was a little tough to find the item of interest from the sea of Korean words. This seller doesn’t update their clothes regularly too.



Seller name: 라라엘
Review: Extremely cheap but ended up with Made in China items. Quality was as per price paid, fabric looked cheaper and felt thin to the touch. But the clothes looked similar to what was wore on the models.




Seller name: 신바바♥
Item Decriptions: Shoes (mix of made in China and Korea shoes)
Review: I personally love Taiwan and Korean shoes as they are usually well made and not that expensive. I have a penchant to Oxford shoes and I was glad to be able to get this pair for less that S$27.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beauty Box
    May 31, 2012 @ 12:20:08

    Oh my goodness – what a big haul 😉 Love your choices. Very sweet looking tops and esp love the white flats…they are so pretty!

  2. Xuan-er
    May 31, 2012 @ 13:19:36

    @BB: I only got the shoes and food and some of the clothes…heeheh….a pity my Innisfree haul got cancelled but I am going to try it again…..since they started the shipping discount again =P

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