Kampung Glam / ECP Seafood Center

kg glam

In Malay, the word “Kampung” means “village or settlement” and “Glam” is the name of a particular tree, which grew in abundance in the area in early Singapore. In the beginning, Kampong Glam was a fishing village situated at the mouth of Rochor River. It became more populated and grew into prominence after the Sultan of Singapore, Hussein Mohammed Shah and the Temenggong signed a treaty with the East India Company in 1819. What we see today in Kampong Glam is a variety of rich heritage passed down from generation to generation. Some of these long enduring traditions are in the form of monuments, trades, cultures and practices.

Kampong Glam

haji lane
Haji Lane is now revived with many shop houses selling independent fashion mainly street fashion from all over the world. One is definitely able to spend a whole afternoon checking out all the different types of shops here and chill with some ice cream or cup cakes from the multiple cafes along this street.

Ratten baskets and decorations in Arab street too.

Guests can should never leave Singapore without a stop to have some seafood along the famous UDMC seafood stretch.

The choice tonight was Long Beach Seafood, the food choices were deep fried prawns with oats, seafood paste with deep fried fritters, sambal kang kong, satay and deep fried crayfish.

The top 2 must have seafood in Singapore – Black pepper and chilli crabs.

bamboo calms
Highly recommended would be steam bamboo clams, vermicelli with deep fried minced garlic steam with fresh bamboo clams with a dash of light soy sauce. The combination of all these just made every mouth of the tender chewy clam flesh yummy.

1202 E Coast Pkwy, Singapore 449881

moon over break water
Full moon observed while chilling on the breakwater before sending the guests to the airport.


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