Non Make up edition Photo Meme – random things edition

Sometime ago Yumeko had the Makeup photo meme, recently she came up with a non make up edition and hence, we would continue on the fun over this side since I think it is quite interesting to see what people would share over the same themes. 🙂

Here are the photos for this non make up edition of Meme….

1) Plushie

I got the Snoopy soft toy for my 21st birthday from my friends as they knew that I like Snoopy. Snoopy is paired with a sheep neck pillow that mum got. Since these 2 plushies are mum and my zodiac animals so they are “living” on my bed too.

2) Food/snack/meal

I love Furikake especially the Wasabi ones but this time Sushi stocked up my cupboard when he visited with the easy packs that had different flavours for me to try. Korean seaweed that I got from the recent Gmarket Korea haul is my current snack for the afternoon.

3) Stationary

I use this Disney Sea pen pretty often as I thought it looked cute and I love the pink rose charm on it.

4) Something you wear [clothes,shoes,accessories]

Nowadays I buy most of my clothes from Cherrykoko and this was from the March spree that I organised. The material was soft and silky and the prints was little hearts. I personally like this blouse as it goes well with skirt or skinny jeans. Posting the photo from the model as she carries off this blouse much better than me 😛

5) Something Random [If you have something you want to share but never knew where/when to post it. do it now XD]

Handmade bookmark by my talented friend, Jac, who just returned from Australia. Had been a long time since I received a bookmark for as a gift. You can check out her other talented crafts on her Esty store too.


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