Cherrykoko Spree 8

The Summer Spree finally arrived. Order was placed on May 28 and package was delivered on June 9. First time that all items arrive, I guess it is a better idea to order newer items to beat the out of stock 🙂

Here are the hauls from the various ladies this time. This spree we have 3 new ladies joining us.

new CK logo
The new items came along with the new CK logo, inside it was the proof of authenticity.

yellow top
Here are some snapshots of my favourite pieces from this spree. Yellow chiffon top with lace of the upper torso. Color just nice for summer!

white jacket
Puffy princess sleeves are popular with Korean style. Although this was a long sleeved jacket but it was made with a light material and the material was transparent. Ideal for some cover up in summer and yet not too warm.

Asymmetrical skirt that looked a little short for me but I like the stretchy material would mould to the skirt to give a fitted look. Prints definitely the in thing for the summer look.

white coat
This ivory coat is on 30% discount, only left with the ivory one though the nicer looking one is the coral red one. The shoulder was a little tight but the rest of the coat fitted well as seen from the photo on the right. This wont be warm enough for minus degree temperature but definitely enough for the early winter.

yellow skirt
Short yellow skirt that was bright and cheery but for anyone planning to buy this, do take note that the edge of the skirt is not sewn so there might be a possibility that fraying might happen after a few washes.

mint jacket
Quality of Cherrykoko is usually good but there is a few occasions that it might fail QC checks. From this batch, only this item has a small stain on the sleeve. I had emailed and reflected this to Cherrykoko.

** Shout out – do send me an email/comment if you want to join in future spree, depending on responses then we would open a spree earlier, if not I would probably only conduct another one in later summer, around end August. **

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