The seventh edition of the photo Meme start by Yumeko. The previous 2 weeks of edition was Body care and make up colors which I missed as I don’t have much to share for that.

This week’s topic was: Vacation

1. Somewhere you visited on your last vacation

The most frequent countries I visited are USA and Japan but I go to Japan at least 2 times a year now. Visited Tsukiji during the recent March trip but was unable to get the tickets for the Tuna auction. Hopefully the next time, I would be able to get the tickets by arriving there before 4am.

2. Something you bought on your last vacation

Besides skin care, food is also the usual things I would buy back but this was a new discovery and definitely a go to for sesame lovers. Really fragrant with your toast.

3. Something you ate on your last vacation

Discovered this place at our neck of the woods, Torohako (トロ函) a seafood BBQ place. The seafood was really fresh and we definitely had filling time when we were there. Looking forward to eating there again.

4. A ticket/bill/receipt from your last vacation

I don’t keep my receipts from my trips so I can share this item that I bought from my last trip which is super useful for any travellors to Japan if you want to be connected on your phone. Sushi san would activate the card for me as activation is only valid with a Japanese phone number but I think if you buy if from any electronic store, the staff may be able to do it for it. alternatively, they have came out with a pre-activated card for would be travellers. You can check out the link though this unlimited data capped at 300kps. I personally prefer the 1gb data at full speed.

5. The number one place where YOU live, that you think people should visit

Definitely the Marina Bay area, for the next 4 weeks there would be fireworks due to the National day rehearsal every Saturday.

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