Gmarket Korea Haul 2

My second gmarket Korea collective haul due to the summer shipping discount.

This time, it only took about 9 days before the huge parcel is delivered to my place. As usual, the big box is due to fact that they place all the packagings from different sellers into 1 box. I was overcharged by 20,000won for shipping so that is refunded into the Gmarket account.

1 disadvantage is that to use the Gmarket account, you have to use it to offset a full bill so you likely have to keep accumulating money in that account until you have enough money to pay off a certain order. However, that should be easy as there is just so much to buy from Gmarket.

Here are some of the sellers that we bought from that ship worldwide:

Seller name:비씨코스
Item descriptions: Korean skincare.
Review: This store is willing to ship the new blackhead removal products worldwide. (for some reason, nose peel strips are limited to certain countries) I always thought, beauty suppliers are generous with freebies but apparently I am wrong as I did not get any except for 1 store (which is the Holika Holika official store)

Seller name:하이델2
Item descriptions: Korean designed stationary
Review: Quality of items were good, but to order you have to click on the listing and linked to their Korean page. Remember to click the “plane” symbol to indicate overseas shipping. Items are labelled with numbers so easy to order.

Seller name:무진주 mujinju
Item descriptions: Korean food
Review: Great for Korean seaweed lovers, ordered from this seller the previous time and order 4 boxes this time 😛

Seller name:디스코바니
Item descriptions: Made in Korea bags
Review: well made bag, with nice finishing.

Seller name:홀리카홀리카
Item descriptions: Holika Holika official store
Review: I don’t usually buy Holika items but the heart shaped lipstick was too cute to resist. 1 of the few Korean brand skincare official stores that are willing to ship direct overseas. Free samples were attached for the small order.

Seller name: 뷰티클릭
Item description: Korean skincare
Review: cheaper, saw this from the gmarket front pages for on sale items.

Seller name: 탑클락
Item description: Watches
Review: a large choice of watches and couple watches. My co-worker who bought this pair said that it well made and both pairs including shipping were less than ~S$50.

Seller name:리얼코코
Review: Quality of the clothes from Realcoco were really good and they are currently having a summer sale so some of the items are going for between 12900 – 18900 won which are pretty worth it.

Seller name: 케이코스메틱
Item description: Korean skincare
Review: Main reason for buying from this seller as they were the only seller willing to ship the Innisfree mint green tea shampoo overseas. I have a penchant for both Innisfree and mint shampoo so I just got to try it out. Extensive range of Innisfree products if anyone likes this brand. This is a re-seller for Innisfree products.


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