ThaiPan (Mandarin Gardens)

thai pan
A gem nestled in a residential area, I never knew that there was a popular eatery inside a condo! The place was packed on a Saturday evening and we had to wait for some time for our food and due to the crowd, they did not even top up our water. Just this little hiccup should not deter our food venture.

Tofu was soft but pretty normal Zhi char standard.

long peas
This was nice, stir fried long beans.

pork trotters
Braised pork trotters with mantou. This coming from a Thai restaurant? Nevertheless, it was soft and tender and not too fatty. The black braised sauce went well with the mantou.

olive rice
Olive rice, pretty average.

sambal kang kong
Sambal kang kong, pretty staple on most Singaporean tables

fish maw
Fish maw soup

pork rib
Pork ribs were great! juicy and tender

yam basket
Average tasting yam basket

salted egg crabs
This was slightly different from the usual salted egg crabs. This was more of like butter cream salted egg crabs? The sauce was delicious!

herbal chicken
Chestnut braised chicken.

13 Siglap Road, Mandarin Gardens


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