Tokyo, Japan – Day 3

ume shochu
First half of day 3 was busy running errands and by the time we completed them it was already 8pm. Decided to head over to my favourite neighbourhood eatery, Torohako (トロ函) for a quick bite. Icy ume shochu for a quick relief….

crab miso
Grilled Crab miso (crab roe), bbq with quail egg.

Shell fish….selected a few different types of shell fish to try this time.

fried oysters
Deep fried oysters.

Cuttlefish sashimi

Cuttlefish in a sauce which I am not sure what it was. I think this would go well with rice.

crab miso
Crab miso soup…but a little disappointing this time as the crab wasn’t fresh at all.

The best comfort food after an exhausting day – instant noodles.



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