Shizuoka, Japan – Day 4(d)

It was only a 20minutes ride from Atami to Shizuoka on the Hikari Shinkansen. It was already twilight when arrived into Shizuoka station and it was a stark contrast to the bustling station in Tokyo. Shizuoka station is busy but once you step out of the station, you can feel that it is much more quiet compared to Tokyo.

The accommodation for the night was Hotel Associa Shizuoka, just 2 minutes away from the station. This was chosen due to the ease and proximity for my travels the next day.  It was a clean business hotel with free wifi in the lobby.

Dinner was a quick affair but heard that this place has high reviews online. This place is inside the Shizuoka station and closes at 10pm. We were the last patrons at 830pm on a quiet Monday night.

Shochu on the rocks and Grapefruit shochu to beat the heat…. (yes, this is my first summer in Japan…I always travel when the weather is cooler)

Tako with seaweed for appetiser.

grilled sea bream in teriyaki sauce.

Deep fried Sakura ebi, a specialty in Shizuoka.

Tuna sashimi with tororo….tuna was very fresh, it doesn’t have the frozen aftertaste that we get for the tuna sashimi in Singapore.

I think this is fresh silver fish sashimi…..but I am not very sure, I think I would call it “fresh ikan bilis”? 🙂

Marinated seaweed….

You can’t miss green tea soba here. Shizuoka green tea is pretty famous so most stuff in Shizuoka has some form of green tea added into it.

Sashimi of local fish found in Shizuoka…..I really dont know the names cos my job was to eat and his was to order 🙂


静岡市葵区黒金町46 静岡駅アスティ内


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