Modern Scavenger hunt

Bringing technology to group outing…we had some fun as a group with a app for scavenger hunt. Overall, it was a fun experience but it took some time for us to load the photos to the app as the server was a little slow. Otherwise, it was quite fun to bring some modern technology to some group fun.

model of 5 phones
1 of the question was to assemble 5 different brands of hand phone models – we managed to get Samsung, Apple, HTC, Sony Ericsson and Dell! Wow, Dell!

juke box
We had to find a juke box!

find a car
We also found LGC 731

find a yellow taxi
This one was easy, as there was only 1 yellow cab

taking a ride round and round
Everyone got to take a ride in something that goes round and round.

gigantic eggs
took some time to find these gigantic eggs

A character from Shrek so we waited for them to come out.

carriage without a horse
Carriage without horse.

something in brown
Something in brown….took some time to figure this out.


I had to run out to get this photo….of the monorail. 😛


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