I am back!

Hello! I am back! It has been more than 2 weeks since the last entry and I do miss writing. Can’t wait to share the photos from this recent trip as I have been to some old and new places. However, we had a total of 5 cameras and more than 3000 photos so it would take some time to sort it out. Plus I am heading back to work on Monday and I shudder to think of the strings of emails in my mailbox to clear.

Meanwhile, here’s some sneak preview of the past 2 weeks which I had shared on instagram during the whole trip.

we had a wonderful reception in Tokyo and all of us had tons of fun!

Yes! Finally I could eat my favourite snacks as I had abstained from them since June for the wedding. It didn’t help that there were so many different flavours in Japan.

Wonderful foliage view at Yamagata which made the climb up the mountain so worthwhile.

Hello Autumn! This is my first experience with the red leaves viewing.

Beautiful sunrise at Atami.

Discovery of Ippundo instant noodles in the convenient store. Totally excited with the find.

Was lucky this trip to get many unblocked view of Mount Fuji and I don’t get sick looking at it.

Sushi san actually prepared a bottle of Rose champagne for us which totally surprised me as he had been too busy recently. The Wedgwood “Promise” champagne flutes which was a gift from our friend came in handy. Totally sweet surprise 🙂

More to come, after I post process the photos :)…till then….

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