Tokyo, Japan – Day 3

A wonderful view that caught our eye before we checked out of the hotel. Didn’t realise that we had the Mt Fuji view room

A ramen place near to Akabane.

Really giantic gyozas

Hokkaido ramen! We ordered 1 bowl that was supposed to be a 2 person share but it was so huge that I thought it was for 3 to share.

1-22-3 Akabane, Kita, Tokyo, Japan

Sunset at Laketown before we head to my Sushi san’s hometown.

Otousan outdid his culinary skills this time. He prepared so much sashimi and the fish he got were so fresh.

The food he cooked. The eggs and yakitori were so good. Introduced to warm tofu cooked in kelp and dipped into some dark sauce he concocted.


The Hokkaido white wine he got was very very nice! Otousan also educated us on what is good sake.

We were all stuffed by the time it was for dessert but we cannot resist those freshly picked mikans from the garden and the fresh fruit sponge cake with some mochi ice cream.

** the photos for this series of Japan travel is from 5 different photographers so the perspective of each photo may differe **


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