Kyoto, Japan – Day 5(a)

Read more about Kinkakuji from my previous post.

I was just here 4 months ago but this time, the weather is cooler and the leaves are turning red. My guests were busy with making wishes of all sorts and of course, busy shopping.

Right outside the Kinkakuji, there are a few shops. One of it is the famous Yojiya shop (selling skincare from Kyoto) and this little handicraft store. Really beautiful and cute work but too expensive for me 😛

As I did not do too much research on Kyoto, the safest bet for food is either follow the crowd or just head to any of the restaurants in the departmental stores. It shouldn’t go wrong. We settled for a Kyoto eatery in Takashimaya in Karasume and ordered the different set lunches to try.

The highlight after lunch was the Kimono wearing experience. Many people would try out the kimono during their stay in Kyoto as it is so common to see people decked out in the kimono walking the streets especially at the Kiyomizudera area. I chose to rent from this shop called Okamoto Kimono as they have a comprehensive Chinese/English website. There is a cheap package for 3150JPY that includes a basic kimono (allocated to you) and all the accessories and socks needed (bag included!). If you want something more fancy like being able to choose the Kimono you are wearing, you can choose the 5250JPY package. An additional 500JPY is needed if you want them to style the hair for you from a selection of 3 styles. The shop is opened from 9am – 8pm and you can wear the Kimono as long as you want it and return it before the shop close. You can easily get by if you do not speak English as the staff speak basic English and most of the time, body language is sufficient. There is an option for you to pay additional 2000JPY so that you can wear the kimono back to the hotel and the staff would pick it up the next day.

It takes about 1 hour for them to don the kimono and styling of the hair and then, you are free to head out to walk the streets of Kiyomizudera like a Japanese lady 🙂


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