Atami, Japan – Day 6(b)

The main highlight of this entire Japan trip. You won’t consider yourself to be in Japan if you do not let yourself enjoy at least 1 night of hot spring in a ryokan to experience to authenticity of Japanese service. Hence, I choose Atami which has been a popular coastal hot spring resort since the 8th century and ranked as one of Japan’s 3 greatest hot spring as my destination for the night.

We chose an authentic little ryokan, called Sakuraya and booked 3 seaview rooms. Each room has its own living room with sofas and the tatami area which would be used for meals and converted as the bedroom after meal. There is a bath inside the room too and the water that runs in the bath is also from the hot spring. This would be nice for people who are shy to use the common hot spring baths. Alas, we did not get to use it as we all went to the common hot spring baths instead.

Welcome matcha with some snacks when we arrived into the room. Pink and blue yukata for the guests to change to. Different ryokans have different specifications for the bath towels. Some of them would ask you to use the ones laid out in the hot spring baths, but in our case in this ryokan you are supposed to use the same towels till check out. So hence the plastic bags for you to put your wet towel.

View from the room. There isn’t much to do at night at Atami but I think that is the whole point so you can just relax in the hot spring and in your room.
Image credit: Sakuraya

As the hot spring was filled with people so it was not convenient to take any photos. The hot spring in this ryokan is typical setting of a Japanese hot spring hotel but this ryokan’s hot spring does not have any views. Do not expect to see any nice sea view if you choose this ryokan. From the reviews, this ryokan is better in grading for its service and food then over its hot springs.

熱海さくらや旅館 〒413-0012 静岡県熱海市 東海岸町9-11


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