Atami, Japan – Day 6(c)

Usually meal is served in the room or in private dinning halls but they prepared a small banquet hall (with stage) for our party of 10. Seatings was in traditional setup where you sit on the tatami and eat. We requested for a chair seating for our aunt who is older.

The menu looks kinda long and seriously, I usually have no idea what I would be eating as I barely can make out the kanji in most cases. But why not be surprised! 🙂

To kick off dinner, we are usually served with some sake or sweet wine. We got the a small glass of sweet plum wine this time, cheer!

Selection of autumn vegetables: mainly chestnuts and mushrooms.

pickled vegetable.

Of course, SASHIMI!

Teapot soup, soup served in tea pot are usually clear based and refreshing. Open the cover when you are done and we had 2 meatballs waiting for us.

Steamed fish in clear stock.

This was my favorite, yam ball with meat filling. You would like this if you are a yam fan, the mashed up yam wrapped around the minced meat with chopped mushrooms with additional from the stock that the yam was steamed with.

This was the main highlight dish, the “dancing” abalone. They poured sake over the live abalone, and the poor abalone instinctively made a turn due to the sake and live cooked from there on. (OK, for people who have issues with seeing live food being made in front of you would think this is really cruel) However, the concept is almost the same as making drunken prawns.

It was cooked for like 10 minutes and then deshelled and cut with slabs of butter placed in between. Fresh cooked abalone is quite chewy in texture and there wasn’t much taste to it if not for the salted butter.

Next up, would be beef stew.

Rice! The staple in most Asians meal but Japanese rice just brings a level up and Japanese really love their rice. They can actually eat it 3 times a day! However, I have to admit that Japanese rice is really tasty in Japan. I wonder if they keep their better domestic rice in their country 😛 Though, I think a lot of factors play in like the water used, the rice cooker or earth pot used and of course the different grade of rice.

Dessert was simple piece of really sweet and delicious Shizuoka melon (you can find them in Isetan Singapore for about S$90).

It was almost 2 hours after we completed the dinner and we walked in with the futons out and we were actually quite ready to relax in them!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. jin chu ferrer
    Dec 15, 2012 @ 04:28:07

    these are great yi-jin! making me want sushi now!

  2. Xuan-er
    Dec 24, 2012 @ 09:37:46

    @jin: Comment from Mrs Ferrer!!!!! Yeah…..thanks….still exploring on how to take better photos 😉 please visit Japan ok?!

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