Tokyo, Japan – Day 8(a)

For the Tokyo stays for the rest of the trip, I had booked accommodation at a budget hotel called B hotel, Ikebukuro. Each night averaged out to be S$82 per person with breakfast included. I had made the booking via as the pricing was the cheapest as compared to the rest of the internet sites such as and I had made reservations for 4 types of rooms from the hotel for the 3 nights of stay, mainly the standard single (can sleep 2 but a very very tight squeeze, you can see from the above photo), superior twin, deluxe double and deluxe twin plus. I did not take any photos of the rest of the rooms as I wasn’t staying in them but you can refer to their website and the photos shown in the site is close to what it is in the hotel except that the rooms are really very small. Though it is typical of Tokyo to have small hotel rooms but I am sure most of us are not used to it. The reasons for booking this hotel are quite simple, it was affordable, very close to the train station, it was clean and quite new.

The free breakfast included, pretty decent choices.

Japan, 東京都豊島区東池袋1−39−4

Itinerary of the day was get some foliage view near the mountains at Yuzawa (1 hour away from Tokyo) which is also a popular skiing destination for Tokyonites. The train which is called the max Toki is apparently 2 levels with upper and lower level.


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