Calpis sour with Aomori apple, 3% alcohol.

Kirin Wine spritzer. did not really like it as I thought it tasted like cough medicine.

Bubbly Cabernet Shiraz Merlot from Barokes, Australia. Convenient wine in a can. This is their bubbly red series, tasted like carbonated red wine.

Kirin Ganbatte Tohoku beer made with the first batch of hops from Tohoku. Bought this to help out the Northeast Japan community.

Another product to support the Tohoku farmers, Kirin chuhi made with apple crops from Tohoku.

plum wine
A mini bottle of plum wine, this one is made with high quality hand picked plum. I thought it was super sweet and better drank with soda.

fig yogurt
Yogurt drink made with Fig. Supposedly to replenish you with the iron needed for the day.

Matcha green tea from some fancy French producers.

instant coffee
My exciting new discovery in the convenience store, which made me believe that there is nothing not sold in the convenience store in Japan. (Sushi san even bought his wifi battery and DVD rom there too!) Most hotels, usually just supply green tea in the rooms and I despearately needed my coffee fix but I do not want to pay so much for coffee from Starbucks. I found that you can buy coffee good for 3 or 5 cups with the coffee powder, creamer, sugar and stirrers all nicely packed.

Hello Kitty meat bun!


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