Japan Fall Haul

The only beauty related item I got from Japan for Fall are 3 sets of free samples from Dr.Ci:Labo. First time customers can request for the free samples from their site and so I got all 3 types of it since shipping is free and limited to one of each for each household.

The first trial set which is their gold series which included a cosmetic bag, their enrich ex moisturizer and gold BB cream. This is a limited to 100,000 sets.

The second set is the dry series which consists of cleansing, essence, moisturizer and BB cream.

The third set is the same as the first set I got except this would come with the essence.

Since there was a 2000JPY discount attached so I got their Aqua-In-Derm Super Essence which was supposed to help the skin absorb skincare better.

Explored more of the snacks section this time since I no longer need to watch my diet and hence I get to indulge in my favorite snacks like prawn crackers. This one is really hard to find but definitely delicious – ginger soy flavored.

Imagine eating potato chips that tasted like your instant noodles from Myojo.

Yes!!!! Ippudo and Santouka ramens in their instant forms, newly released in Japan in November! These are limited to only 7-11 convenience store and cost about 240JPY for them. Both are made by Nissin. I thought they tasted pretty close to the fresh ramen as the soup stock was very close in taste (minus those condiments like pork and spring onion) but Sushi san insisted that they just tasted like instant noodles just in different texture.

instant noodles
Had requests to haul as many cup noodles back..but these were all I could buy…

Some of the local food products from this trip…(some only) 😛


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