Okinawa, Japan (Mihama American Village) – Day 2(b)

okinawa american village
Then it was another 1.5 hours drive back to the West side of Okinawa. Traffic was pretty bad when we arrive at Mihama American Village.

okinawa american village

The Mihama American Village is a large entertainment complex located in central Okinawa Honto. Many American military bases are located in the area, and the entertainment complex’ theme of Americana provides a nostalgic pleasure for residents of the bases as well as an interesting diversion for the locals. The Mihama American Village resembles a big American shopping mall with lots of shops, restaurants, cafes and a large parking lot.

Japan Guide

okinawa american village
Many shops were selling American apparel and produce. Sunset beach was also a few steps away but since it was raining so we did not venture to the beach else it is a must go for holiday makers.

american village
Christmas decoration were still up and about.

okinawa american village
Almost felt like I was in a small USA town.

okinawa dinenr
Stomach was already growling after the long drive at 6pm so we settled for a popular teppanyaki chain in Okinawa. Luckily we were early since we had no reservation so we were asked to finish our dinner by 730pm which was no issue for us so we got 2 seats. Some of the walkins were asked to wait for 1.5 hours since they were a larger group.

dinner soup
We opt for the normal set which would be the USA fillet set for 8400JPY for 2. Cream chicken soup for starters.

okinawa dinner
Salad was a choices of blue cheese or ponzu sauce.

okinawa dinner
Chef made a excellent and entertaining skill display of his teppanyaki skills.

dinner teppanyaki
The set came with USA fillet beet, Okinawa pork and 2 sides. Totally filling.

dinner lobster
Half a lobster simmered with mushrooms.

dinner garlic rice
Garlic rice can be requested at an additional cost of 300JPY per person.

dinner dessert
ice cream and tea to end our dinner totally, stuffed.

ステーキハウス四季・北谷美浜店 沖縄県中頭郡北谷町美浜2-5-2

blue seal

Foremost Blue Seal established 61 years ago, has strong roots in Okinawa. We have developed this business for the locals and those from mainland Japan. Born in America and raised in Okinawa, the techniques we use to produce Blue Seal ice cream are grounded in the way ice cream is made in American. We stay loyal to maintaining this practice while finding the best, most unique matching flavors in the climate of Japan’s paradise, Okinawa.

Blue Seal

blue seal
Choices of sweet or savory..

blue seal
I don’t know how he can eat more…I can’t but he says we must visit the most famous ice cream in Okinawa.

Blue Seal 沖縄県北谷町美浜1-5-8


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Beauty Box
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 15:14:22

    Don’t you love how “steak dinners” are chopped up pieces of beef in Japan, and not the whole piece? I like it when they put the beef in all the different courses…similar to teppanyaki. There was one we used to go to in Nogizaka…very old school Japanese steakhouse. Very oishi!

  2. Xuan-er
    Jan 23, 2013 @ 15:18:47

    @BB: Kinda agree as this type of cooking will make the beef cubes more flavorful but some time when we sit down for a steak dinner, I still like the idea of cutting my steak….haha….Ooooo, the one at Nogizaka sounds great! You need to bring me out sometimes 😛

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