Okinawa, Japan (Okashi Goten/Mazamo) – Day 4(b)

okashi goten
Along our way to our next destination, we stopped by Okashi Goten Onna branch to pick up some local produce (omiyage) and lunch. This is the factory that would produce the popular Okinawa snack, red sweet potato tarts and they have many branches scattered around Okinawa. Most souvenir stores would sell their products too but I guess it is much more fresher to buy it straight from their factory.

okashi goten
Patrons can also peek into their glass displays to see the whole production of the tarts which is fully automated.

okashi goten
Lunch was at their in house cafe, which have a execellent view of the green/blue sea but too bad it was raining.

okashi goten
Okinawa rice sets with 3 types of Okinawa topping.

okashi goten
Pickled seaweed don, fatty pork don and sea grapes don.

okashi goten
Okinawa tofu miso soup.

御菓子御殿 恩納店 〒904-0404 恩納村字瀬良垣100番地


Manzomo, where you can see the spectacular view of the rocks formation that looked like the elephant’s trunk.

Welcome to the west Coast view of Okinawa.


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