Okinawa/Tokyo, Japan (Zampa Masaki/Naminoue Shrine/Haneda JAL City Hotel) – Day 4(c)

Drove down the west coast to another scenic point called Zampa Misaki (殘波岬), where the light house is pretty famous

Statue of some Japanese.

I thought this looks pretty nice as a photo.

Sea was very rough that day due to the bad weather and the winds were big.

naminoue shrine
since we had some time before the car return time, so we headed to Naminoue Shrine thinking that we could see the shrine from the beach as on the guidebook.

naminoue shrine
But we were wrong! However, it was still a nice short visit to the shrine which was still busy with Japanese heading there for the New Year prayers.

naha airport
Then it was a made scramble to return the car and to the local super market for some last minute shopping. There is a lot of souvenir shopping selection in the Okinawa domestic terminal but they close by 830pm.

naha airport
We had to grab a quick 15 minutes dinner before rushing to our security check at 830pm for our flight departing at 850pm. Thankfully, security allowed us to cut the queue as our flight was departing in 15 minutes when we were waiting in line.

haneda domestic
It was a full flight back from Okinawa to Haneda, Tokyo as most were returning back to Tokyo after the New Year holidays which this year was almost a 10 days break. Haneda domestic terminal was bustling with life.

haneda jal city hotel
Since I had a 630am flight the next morning to return to Singapore, we booked a 1 night accomodation at the nearby Haneda JAL City Hotel which was much cheaper compared to the one inside the airport. Another budget choice would First Cabin but only 1 person allowed in each room. Haneda JAL City hotel was small but clean and airport shuttle to the international/domestic terminals start as early as 4am. I took the 5am shuttle and arrived at the international terminal for check at 515am.


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