Cherrykoko Spree 12

First Cherrykoko spree for 2013, this was an impromptu spree as I chanced upon their sale randomly. This isn’t an opportunity to be missed since their sale items usually sell out within 2-3 days for the nicer designs.

2 orders were placed on Jan 23 and Jan 24 respectively and package was delivered on Jan 28 to Singapore and Jan 27 to Japan. Not too bad in terms of delivery time, this time. Only 1 item was out of stock but the package that arrived in Singapore had a missing item. Cherrykoko staff is still checking on the status of the missing item. 1 thing to note when dealing with missing item from the parcel would be to weigh the parcel. The first thing the staff asked was the measurement of the box that arrived and the actual weight of the contents in the box. I do not have a weighing scale so I was unable to provide that to them but I had taken a photo of all the items that arrived. (this is the second incident that happened to me!) However, the staff reply was: “Out of good will, we would refund you the missing item through store credit even though it was shipped. Please note that we would not be able to help with such case again with no exact proof”. Hrmpf! If there wasn’t a problem with your parcel, I would not even bother to contact you with regards to it and I had immediately took a photo of the items from the box! I definitely wasn’t happy with the reply and replied them with a piece of my mind. (Even then, it means I have to buy with them AGAIN! Since I have store credit..again!) Anyway, do remember to weigh your parcel if you have a missing item!

Do always check your actual shipping cost on the EMS label, usually there is a overcharge difference between 500 – 1000KRW so I don’t make a big fuss out of it. However, the parcel that arrived in Japan had a overcharge of 15000KRW which is ridiculous to me so I had to contact their staff again. Currently still waiting for them to resolve this.  They refunded me the overcharge after 2 weeks.

Some of my favorite pieces from this spree. Top most would be the Samsung Galaxy Note fur case, really adorable with a little fur tail!

Took me almost 2 sprees to decide on buying this pair of gloves but I saw the detailed review from one of their customers and realised that it is lined inside with fleece too. I figured that should keep me warm so I decided to get it in the end. The little ribbon also added a feminine touch to the pair of gloves.

This coat was just published on their site about 1 month ago but it went on sale with a 44% discount (Their site should be starting their spring collection really fast so winter wear are on sale now). What I like about this coat was its removable collar so the look would be versatile. I definitely need to beef up my winter wear and hence I decided to get the navy blue coat since I bought a white one earlier in the year too. LOTD with the white coat when I was in Okinawa earlier in the year.

This was on 50% off and one of my favorite pieces from their summer collection but only the blue color was left.

* Shout out – I am still providing custom purchase to make order (for a nominal fee) for anyone who needs help to order or don’t want to deal with refunds through store credit. Just drop me a comment or email. **

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