Red Pig Korean Restaurant

red pig korean restauant
I love love love Korean food, it is like my next food after Chinese food (gasp, but I did marry a Japanese, didn’t I) I just love kimchi so much that I could just eat it every meal.

red pig korean restauant
So when my friends asked me where did I want to go for my birthday dinner, I said – KOREAN KOREAN KOREAN! So we made reservations for this place, which we always see it packed on nights with after work crowd.

red pig korean restauant
Side dishes that were served. They were not stingy with the side dishes and you can always request for more once you were done. I love the egg roll and simple food like tofu with chili oil and chopped scallion can just taste so yummy!

red pig korean restauant
How can we not have some Makgeolli (Korean rice wine) since it was a birthday! They served it the authentic way in the copper kettle and bowls.

red pig korean restauant
Marinated chicken

red pig korean restauant
Fatty pork on the left and “red” pig (marinated pork) on the right. I was a little disappointed with the fatty pork as it was frozen and frozen meat just do not taste too good when barbecued. Can consider skipping ordering this on my next visit and just order the “red” pig instead as the pork was marinated just nice.

red pig korean restauant
Sausages and beef, beef was the next popular meat amongst us.

red pig korean restauant
Budae jjigae – mainly luncheon meat in spicy soup with some instant noodles. We totally slurped the whole pot out.

93 Amoy St, Singapore 069913


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