Kilo is a food and watering den located by the Kallang River. Through our snug space and Japanese and Italian inspired comfort food, we wish to communicate good times where soulful food, tasty music and heartfelt conversations meld. We hope to see you by the river soon.


We were lucky to score a table as it was a spur of the moment decision to go there. The place was full even on a random Tuesday evening and we were given a table for 1 hour.

Waiting for our food, with good wine and conversations. Looks like Spanish wine is on the selection in most drinking menus recently.

Avocado Wasabi Tuna Tartare with flour chips, very light and refreshing and no strong wasabi taste to it

Day-night 12 hour pork belly with purple mash, sour cream and crackling. What is a crackling? Basically it was deep fried crispy pork skin. Totally heavenly with lots of sin!

Squid ink rice with prawns and squid + egg yolk. The egg yolk on top was a piece of art and made the taste even more appealing on the plate. (ps: do not order this on a date, you won’t want to smile at your date with blackened teeth) haha….

Slow cooked beef short ribs, just with salt and pepper.

Raw’s lava cake with BASIL ice cream. Yup, Basil ice cream just for curiosity sake……very strong vegetation taste to it, not for the unadventurous.

I would like to come back here again, for Sunday brunch. I think the whole place is set up in such a way that it was nice to relax in the quiet urban area.

66 Kampong Bugis, Singapore 338987


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