Man Fu Yuan

This restaurant was shut down at the end of December for almost 3 weeks due to a food poisoning incident that happened to their banquet food affecting a lot of customers.

This was a impromptu decision since the original place we wanted to go was closed. We felt that the kitchen should be pretty scrubbed down after this incident and it should be relatively “safe”. Initially, we thought that we were the only patrons there but the place slowly filled up by 1pm.

Dim sum selection; their siew mai were wrapped with quail eggs and their radish were deep fried. Char siew cheong fun was filled generously with the pork.

Century egg with pork congee with a extra touch of fresh condiments.

A shot of fresh plum juice were served after all the food were delivered, supposedly to aid in digestion.

It was my first meet up with SassyJan and we get to see her try her first custard bun! Thanks Jan for the meet up and it was thoroughly fun meet up for me to finally meet another one of my blog friends. 🙂

80 Middle Road 2F Hotel Intercontinental


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