Ramblings for the week in a new country

It had been 5 days since I arrived in this foreign land that is yet familiar but totally foreign to me. It is never an easy decision to relocate but after you made the decision, we have to make the best of the decision. Even though I had been shuttling between Singapore and Japan for the past 2 years but I feel so ignorant to so many things. Everyday seems like a new adventure to me since things are still pretty interesting to this newbie here. However, the language barrier is totally making me frustrated at times and I feel so handicapped at times since Sushi san is currently outstation in another prefecture.

The week flew by fast but I was super busy as there is so much to do to clean up the man-pad. It ain’t easy to reorganize the whole place and the massive cleaning it involved. Finally I get to have some time to sit down to do a proper post.

Otousan welcomed me with a massive plate of sushi. Only in Japan, you can get fresh sushi that is not too expensive. I think this whole platter came up to be about 5300JPY.

I forgot my phone when we were tryin to turn Otousan’s car but basically in the land limited area like Tokyo, Japan. The parking spaces are unusually tight and it is common to see cars parked with 1 side of the car like almost sticking to the side of the wall. So this circular plate aids the car to do a 3 point turn, basically the car drives into the circular plate. We removed the stopper device for the plate and we just push the car to make the turn! Nifty idea…..and totally convenient.

I did mention that I am cleaning up and reorganizing the whole tiny place we have. (Yes, when I say tiny..it is tiny….even for someone like who came from Singapore who is used to living in a small space, the tininess of the homes in Tokyo is something that would need some time to get used to). Daiso is currently my favorite place to get some stuff needed for storage. Although if we want better quality place, it is better to get it from other places.

supermarket sales
Going to the supermarket is just a daily adventure for me at the moment as I find new things. Trolleys are placed near to the aisle and alot of almost due date items are going for really discounted prices. For example, the snow peas are selling for 30JPY compared to its original 98JPY. The famous Hakata Strawberries were half priced. All these would be a treat and a substantial savings if you plan to consume them on the day of purchase.

3/14 was White Day in Japan. It was a massive commerical days when the guys have to buy back chocolates/cookies to return the favor. My friend was in line to buy macarons for her to bring back to Taiwan but we had to wait like almost 15 minutes in line for this brand of macarons which I heard was very famous and yummy. They don’t come cheap though. I couldn’t bear to buy them yet.

Trash throwing is such a convenience in Singapore that I almost miss it the most. Over here, my neighborhood clears trash only on Tuesdays and Fridays. We also have to place PET bottles, glass bottles and aluminium cans in the designated areas. We have a recycling holding area where we would put paper/clothing to be collected (I don’t know which day yet) For big items, we have to pay for the local authorities to do a proper disposal. The trash stuff is something which would require me to take some time to get used to. Especially, the idea of living with your leftovers/food trash in the house for 3 days before you can dispose it. It is ok if the weather is cold but not during the summer months. Hence, I decided to have a ziplock bag, to hold all my food trash and put them in a designated area in the freezer. Yes, sounds a little gross too right? But I think it is better than having rotting food in the trash bin before I can throw them out after 3 days. At least they would be frozen and not rotting in the freezer till I can trash it out on designated days!


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  1. HL
    Mar 17, 2013 @ 09:57:08

    I wonder how the locals dispose of their food trash, can’t possible keep it for days?!

    Maybe can dispose at the nearest neighborhood which collect food disposal for that day?! Or I think a better idea is to just wipe everything of the plates, no waste, yeah!!

    Anyway hope you are settling well Xuan! And treasure your time as a student again 😉

  2. Xuan-er
    Mar 17, 2013 @ 11:26:42

    @HL: I think most homes have airtight rubbish bins or some covered ones. We haven’t got to buying one yet….so…..that is why I have a interim plan. I think most places here only collect trash for 2 days a week and other days are for different types of trash. Cobinis here have a sign requesting people not to throw home trash in their bins. Yes, right now I try to cook to such an extent that there is minimal food thrown away..hahaha…a good thing here is most stuff are sold in mini size.

    Thanks! 12 more days to school

  3. Beauty Box
    Mar 18, 2013 @ 11:15:04

    Sounds like you’re having a good start in Tokyo! Rubbish in the freezer is a bit unusual but it would def prevent the smell from affecting your small space. I usu put the burnable garbage on the balcony until it is time to take it out. I used to think garbage separation was such a pain…it gets better! You’ll get used to it!! 🙂 I’m currently in Sydney but would love to catch up with you when I return to Tokyo end of March.

  4. Xuan-er
    Mar 18, 2013 @ 15:03:14

    @BB: Good idea about putting the garbage on the balcony…i can explore it. Right now my balcony is so dirty as we live right by a busy road.
    Oh, nice! Back in Sydney……let’s catch up when you are back 🙂 looking forward.

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