Mutekiya (麺創房 無敵家)

Mutekiya, 無敵家, is a popular ramen shop. It opens till late at 4am and even at 9pm  there was at least a wait for 30 minutes when we were there.

First timer is advised to try out their special ramen for their first visit.

This was the line when we were there at 9pm on a Sunday night.

Chili and garlic to be added into the ramen soup. The garlic was from Aomori Prefecture.

Ice green tea concentrate, my first encounter with it too. 🙂

The shop’s ramen special, 1000JPY for this bowl. The pork was at least 2.5 inches thick. Much prefer this pork soup base over the miso soup base ramen that we ordered. Noodles can be ordered in 150g or 230g size with no additional cost if you want the bigger bowl.

miso soup based ramen with spring onion. Additional spicy spring onion miso was on the side.


Some musing:
Spring is here in Tokyo~
Had to make another trip to the ward office for some paper work, can you believe that you can submit your documents 24/7 at the ward office. Although the actual officials would work only Monday to Friday but submission can be done any time, any day. I got the chance to wear the Cherrykoko coat that I got during the February sale before the weather starts to warm up. First buds of sakura in Tokyo, this year’s bloom are about 1 week earlier than usual and can’t wait for the weekend to arrive where we can go and see some full bloom sakura!

麺創房 無敵家 東京都豊島区南池袋1-17-1


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