[Sakura 2013] Asukayama Kouen (飛鳥山公園)

Asukayama Kouen is a public park in Kita-ku, Tokyo.

It was too beautiful a day to be cooped up at home and since it is warming up in Tokyo. It isn’t too cold to go out now.

In the early eighteenth century, shogun Tokugawa Yoshimune planted many cherry trees in the area and opened up the land for the enjoyment of the “Edokko” or citizens of Tokyo. The park was formally established, alongside Ueno Park, Shiba Park, Asakusa Park, and Fukagawa Park, in 1873 by the Dajō-kan, as Japan’s first public parks – Wikipedia

The flowers at the park is 70% open that day when I visited.

Lanterns are up for the night illumination.

In Japan, hanami is popular and it is also part of their team building activities. Usually, they would assign one junior staff to “chope” the seat so that the team can come over after work for drinking and eating under the sakuras.

However, I found one mat with no staff to man it. 1 note was pasted on the mat with details like date/time on when the group is coming.

Sakura liquor
Lots of pink related products during this season, chanced on this cute Sakura liquor. 🙂

飛鳥山公園 〒114-0002 東京都北区王子1-1-3

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