[Orientation] Center of Japanese Language Studies, Waseda University

CJL, Waseda
Finally! School is starting after 6 months of waiting after application submission.

CJL, Waseda
Comparing the campus size I had when I was in university, Waseda campus is much smaller but the overall layout looked like the ones we usually see in J-drama.

CJL, Waseda
Standard color of beige bricks.

CJL, Waseda
Almost all the buildings in campus looked like this.

CJL, Waseda
Ōkuma Memorial Hall which is the main auditorium and the clock tower which is the one of the historical building designated to speak about the motto and history for Waseda University and its founder.

CJL, Waseda
Orientation was held 1 week before the school starts. First half of the day was the general orientation and second half of the day was academic orientation.

General orientation was held in English and Japanese: Main points were introduction to the school, with a lot of paper and forms to fill up. Immigration related were that upon arrival to Japan, students are expected to report to their respective city office with their resident card and inform of their current address and join in the Japan national healthcare (which the Japan government would pay 70% and self would pay 30% for medical visits) within 14 days. Students are also allowed 28 hours of part-time work weekly with a maximum of 40 hours during vacations, but students are expected to fill up a part-time work application which can be done upon entering Japan or after at their city offices. Students were also asked to open bank accounts but we have to make our Hanko or seal prior to that. (These seals are like the signatures we used back at home and used for official documents.)

CJL, Waseda
Academic orientation was held in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese so students can choose their preferred language. There were classrooms set up for consultation with regards to the syllabus in these 4 languages too and text books checks for students interested in doing Comprehensive Japanese.

In their computer room, setting up our Waseda id and I like that the monitor that sits in the middle of the shared table was showing the presentation that was shown on the projector. Makes it so much easier for us to read.

CJL, Waseda
Orientation for the day was pretty much done by 4pm and our brains were jam packed with a ton of paper forms and 2 thick books

CJL, Waseda
From this 300 pages book with over 300 modules, we have to choose the modules that we would be interested. Most of the students would have taken their placement tests before making their class selection so that we know which level of Japanese we can fit in the Waseda syllabus. Japanese is split into 8 levels here and a JLPT N4 is equivalent to their Level 1 syllabus. However, the J-cat level is mainly for reference, students can still choose a higher level if they want. My J-cat results barely made it into the Level 2 so I chose my classes mainly between the level 1-3 levels. However, I feel that there were much more choices for people with a level 4 and above.

Students from the 1 year JLP program needs 26 credits to pass with a maximum of 14 credits in each semester.

CJL, Waseda
A peek into cafeteria food, Green tea and water is free flow (but not allowed to fill up your bottles). Rice dishes can be chosen from S,M and L sizes. A medium size meal can be under 500JPY so it is relatively cheap to eat in school.

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  1. Gossipmonger
    Apr 06, 2013 @ 09:33:14

    Their canteen food looks better than our food court standard leh. Looks like u will be enjoying yr student life siah. 干杯!

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