Charmer (埼玉県, シャルメ)

Image credits: Charmer

This quaint French restaurants sits in a quiet corner of Yoshikawa, Saitama. Surprise treat from Otousan to congratulate me for the new school term.

yoshikawa, charmer
First up was Japanese yam with vinegar with salmon to stir up your mouth palette.

yoshikawa, charmer
Hors d’oeuvre was carrot mousse with Consommé jelly with fresh amae-ebi. Totally refreshing taste.

yoshikawa, charmer
Foie gras with cream of broccoli. Very fresh goie gras as there wasn’t much smell and the fats just melted in my mouth.

yoshikawa, charmer
Fish dish, grilled and placed on top of stewed radish with deep fried lotus roots as topping.

yoshikawa, charmer
Black wagyu beef steak with baby cabbages.

yoshikawa, charmer
Green tea chocolate cake and almond jelly with expresso topping and apricot sherbet.

Totally unexpected great food at a much cheaper price compared to Tokyo as this whole set was about 5250JPY. Onaka ippai!!

Charmer 〒342-0041 埼玉県吉川市保1-4-13

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