Italian Bar – Uokin

The adventure in Tokyo (or Japan) is the fun discoveries of interesting eateries in random corners of the street or at basements of some random building. I wouldn’t know there was such a quaint little Italian place in the basement of a building at Ikebukuro if my sister in law did not bring me here. The restaurant opens at 5pm but there was already a line at 430pm and when it was 6pm the place was filled.

Freshly made bread fresh from the oven.

Japanese-Italian fusion Carpaccio – made with sashimi, some horseradish and olive oil.

Grilled fresh aspargarus with salt and pepper topped with a soft boil egg.

This dish was pretty interesting to me. (Concept similiar to our Chinese style vinegar pork trotters) Grilled pork with balsamic vinegar, the acidity from the vinegar would soften the meat so the pork was melt in the mouth.


Uokin 〒171-0021 東京都豊島区西池袋1-35-8 東海ビルB1

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