Gmarket Korea Haul 3

It had been almost 9 months since I purchased from Gmarket Korea, not that I didn’t want to but there was too much distraction the past few months. Finally had a chance to look around the site since I was in need of some new knits and cardigans since I moved to Japan. (*smiling wryly*: have too much summer clothing but not enough for the cool spring)

g market
Since South Korea is much nearer to Japan so the delivery only took about 2 days to arrive in Japan, the total lead time was about 7 days. A little disappointment was that I could never understand the returns of the items ordered even though the status was shown as “delivering to warehouse” In this order, I had like 3 knits not delivered to me and hence ended up as G-money returns. (Hey, it means an excuse to shop on Gmarket again :P)

I believe they have updated their payment methods, now that you can use your G-money to offset part of the bill and pay the reminder by your payal/credit card which is much more convenient.

Here are some of the sellers that I bought from that ship worldwide:

Seller name:무진주 mujinju
Review: Great for Korean seaweed lovers, this is the third time I ordered from them. However this time instead of the individual boxed seaweed, I tried the flat big packet ones so reduce shipping space. A little inconvenient compared to the individual packs but still manageable for consumption.

g market
Seller name:리얼코코
Review: My favorite clothing shop from gmarket as we can be assured of their quality. 🙂

Saw this chiffon jacket in the past but there wasn’t any chance to wear in Singapore but since there is an opportunity now so I decided to go for it. The color is slightly darker than on the model’s photo but it was light and good quality sewing. Do note that this is a loose cut so it is not going show the waistline cut. The sleeve can be folded up a little to show a navy blue lining.

Wanted a trench coat, but this came a little out of my expectation as it was made of cotton and not the khaki material that I was looking out for. Still good enough for temperatures between 15 – 20 degrees C but be prepared to iron the hell out of this.

Seller name:아미shop
Review: A new shop I tried and got a 2 way wear knit though 2 of my other orders were returned. The knit was made of thick wool and warm for wear.

Seller name: Saragirls
Review: Thought this blue polka dot blouse is too good to resist. One bane was that the colors were not indicated clearly nor numbered so I just made a wild guess when I ordered since it was a 50% chance. I actually would have preferred the lighter blue but it looked like I ordered the dark blueone. The ribbon is removable and currently the seller is giving a gem phone cap as a free gift for each order.


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