Cherrykoko Spree 14

Didn’t I moved? LOL, I wasn’t planning to organise anymore Cherrykoko sprees but since my sister agreed to help with the Singapore logistics so hence the Cherrykoko sprees can still go on. Moving forward the sprees would likely not be on a regular basis unless I get many email requests to open a spree. I had like a few people enquiring about a Cherrykoko spree so I decided to help out by having one 2 weeks ago. Although I would say only 50% of the people actually placed an order. This spree is considered much smaller to my past ones.

This blouse is one of the favorites from this order but I wonder if it would be a nightmare just to iron those pleats 😛 Very feminine blouse and definitely would go well with skinny jeans or shorts (Talking about shorts, it is still pretty chilly in Japan but those ladies are out in shorts/short skirts sashaying around town)

This knit blouse is very similar to what was sold some time back in Autumn 2012 but I think this is just nice for spring with a shorter sleeve.

* Shout out – I am still providing custom purchase order requests (for a nominal fee) for anyone who needs help to order or don’t want to deal with refunds through store credit. Just drop me a comment or email. **

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