[Waseda] First week of School

Time flies, the first week of school had gone in a twinkle and now we are close to our second week.

First thing before school started was to purchase the student concession card which would make my transportation fee cheaper by 50%. My daily commute is on the Tokyo metro and hence I had to purchase a pasmo card (if you have no pasmo card, you would have to pay an extra 500JPY to purchase the card). The ticket office have a clear translation form for us to follow the instructions.

Passes can be purchased in terms of 1, 3 and 6 months. I purchased the 3 months ticket since the spring school term would end in the first week of August. Passes get cheaper when you increase the tenure.

My first day of class was actually on a Saturday and it was very cold last week that I thought I had zipped back to winter. Sakura season had ended and we had much of a sakura blizzard that week.

Even though it was a Saturday but the school was bustling with life with school admission ceremonies and students headed for their first class of the new school term.

First week of school was pretty busy for most students as we were doing modules shopping to choose which types of classes we would like to register for.

My first classroom made me felt like I was transported into a scene of a J-drama which I had watched. Students running up and down for classes etc. Talking about walking, I have to walk and climb so many stairs that I am mourning for my poor knees. Usually only 1 or 2 lifts would serve the building and it gets packed like 5-10 minutes before classes and Japanese teachers are so strict with punctuality in class so I had to take the stairs most of the times (*cry for classes at level 7*)

In Waseda there was a huge selection of class types to choose from so I was busy going for class from 9 to 6 on the first week tp decide my modules. Snapshot of one of the classes I wanted to attend but trying to use my limited Japanese with Technological Science was too much for me so I decided to choose more oral practice and pronunciation classes instead.

waseda lunch
Almost the whole school was released for lunch at the same time. Imagine all the students being released between 12 – 1pm for lunch break. Hence I only had 2 opportunities to eat hot cooked food in the cafeteria since school started as it was so hard to get a seating in the cafeteria. The rest of the times, I settled for bentos that was sold around the different corners of campus.

One of the many eating/resting corners around school which gets really crowded during the lunch break.

The weather is still nice and cool for eating outside and we can see many students sitting on the greens or garden area for lunch and I brought my own bento one day and basked in the cool spring weather too! (Something we can’t do back in Singapore without getting toasted!)


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