A taste of Singapore? Mu-hung (夢飯)

sg food in tokyo
The guys say Tiger beer is a must since we are at a Singapore restaurant.

sg food in tokyo
Avocado salad, I personally didn`t think that this was Singapore food ;p

sg food in tokyo
Pan fried radish cake, tasted like the usual radish cake that we eat in Singapore but I think this was a little modified which is like a mix of the black type radish cake and the white type of radish cake sold back at home. I would define this as radish cake omelette with a generous serving of dark soy sauce. Though, it was really delicious in my opinion.

sg food in tokyo
Non chili otah is just missing its punch! Too much lemon grass in it too.

sg food in tokyo
The usually like to serve the chicken rice with description on how to eat the chicken rice (typical Japanese way of step by step information) It is amusing to read the instructions since I would mix the ginger, soy sauce and chili together instead of individual dips. Amazing how this plate here is actually 900JPY!

sg food in tokyo
The chicken cutlet chicken rice is actually better than their white chicken rice as their white chicken skin was too rough and tough.

The meal did help me become less homesick but then it also made me crave the original tastes in Singapore…..家に帰りたいね。

Address:夢飯 日本, 東京都杉並区西荻北3丁目21−2


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