Tofuro (土風炉)

Typical izakaya in Tokyo with a few branches dotted around town. We visited the Shinjuku branch to say good bye to my visiting Singapore friends so we must choose a place with lots of food and drinks 🙂

pumpkin jelly mousse served straight after we were sitted.

home made tofu to be dipped with wasabi and sea salt. Usually, this type of tofu is served chilled but this one was served warm and had a strong tinge of soy taste to it.

Fresh tomato with white miso and pepper grounds. I was wondering what those red round balls were and they were actually pepper!

Japanese curry soba.

Tempura though I was baffled on why they did not serve the tempura dipping sauce.

Zen Soba with tororo topping rice. The soba was also seerved a covered pot of soba water. This was the first time I saw this, apparently some places will serve the soba water which the soba were boiled in. This is only if the soba served were fresh so that you can taste the strong soba taste in the water.

Yakitori a must when you visit izakaya.

First time ever I tasted grilled garlic that is actually sweet and no pungent smell. (you definitely can go kiss someone right after you eat this but probably can`t ward off any vampires)

I was definitely puzzled why did they serve our chilled sake full in the glass and sitting inside another red box full of liquid. I thought this was their way to chill the sake ;P We thought it was a little too difficult to toast with the box (but we still toasted with everyone`s glasses sitting in the box) It was much much after that we realised that the liquid that was in the box was SAKE too! It was for you to fill up your glass after you have bottoms yours up….

Ah, interesting things you would learn daily. 🙂

Address:土風炉 西新宿一丁目店日本, 東京都新宿区西新宿1−24−1 エステック情報ビル B2F


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