Ooyama (おおやま)

Easy place to find as it is just on the level 8 Parco in Ikebukuro. There are many food choices there and if you ever find yourself wondering what to eat when you visit. Just look at the line outside of restaurants and eateries and they are usually a good guage. Wanted to try this place last November but my family weren’t beef eaters so we had to give it a miss. Had the chance to try it the past weekend.

Tofu garden salad with light spicy sauce

Meitaiko (fish roe), slightly salty and spicy.

Marinated beef innards with ginger and lemon. I wasn’t too keen to try it initially but coaxed into and I was amazed that it didn’t have a smell as I thought.

The most famous taste from this restaurant, would be the beef innards hot pot(Motsu nabe, もつ鍋). We chose the miso soup base and it is interesting that the beef intestines did not have a smell and this is a dish which originated from Fukuoka.

Address:おおやま Japan, Tokyo, Toshima, Minamiikebukuro, 1丁目28−2 池袋パルコ本館8F

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