Scorpione Stazione (スコルピオーネ・スタツィオーネ)

Credits: Tabelog
Sunday brunch at this Italian restaurant conveniently located at Yurakucho Station (有楽町駅). The brunch set includes an appetizer, a pasta/risotto, a meat entree, dessert and a coffee/ice is around 3000 JPY.

scorpione stazione
Bread fresh from the oven.

scorpione stazione
Fixed course: Appetiser for the day.

scorpione stazione
We had various orders for the pasta/risotto selection. Risotto

scorpione stazione
Sea urchin sauce pasta (fancy isn’t it?)

scorpione stazione
Clam and zucchini pasta

scorpione stazione
Meat selection. Grilled fish of the day, the carrot was super slim……but all the vegetables were very fresh.

scorpione stazione
The only adventurous person from our group who ordered: a grilled bunny……yeah…..I didn’t dare to try it. She said it tasted like a bit of chicken and pork.

scorpione stazione
Grilled chicken

scorpione stazione
Grilled pork, which was a little dry but the charred skin was very fragrant.

scorpione stazione
Dessert plate which was super delicous. The Japanese are always doing such a great job with the dessert which is not too sweet and always exquisite. I am usually not a dessert person but I just polished everything off the plate.

Address:東京都千代田区丸の内3-8-3 インフォス カフェ棟 1F

scorpione stazione
If you had seen the tiny strawberry on the dessert plate. It is a genetically modified strawberry called “the taste of first love” (basically white strawberry) and freaking expensive. It is almost like 400JPY for one big strawberry. This box of 6 strawberries would actually set you back like 1800JPY. Usually available between February to April in Japan.

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