April Beauty Buys in Tokyo, Japan

Minon Amino moist mask for dry and sensitive skin, ingredients were mainly 9 types of Amino acid to restore skin moisturisation. I bought this as my skin did not like the super dry weather here. (Humidity in Japan is only about 50-60% compared to Singapore’s 90’s%)

Quality first sheet mask, quite popular recently as it can be used daily. Cotton made in Japan with essence made with 35 types of ingredients, basically an all in one sheet mask. I quite like it for daily use just that I don’t like the idea of opening the zip locked bag daily to pull out the thin mask.

Lits Wistea C02 mask, concept is the same as the oxygen mask we used.

I bought this out of curiosity but I did not think that my mask felt any different after use nor if the pores felt more clean. Basically, you mix the powder with the gel paste and lather it on your face and neck. Next you can put on the plastic sheet given on your face and wait for 30 minutes and wash off the excess pack.

My friend recommended me this lip balm, it has a minty taste to it. Definitely needed in this much dry weather.

Excel waterproof liquid eye liner, recommended to me from my sister in law. I am such a dummy with using liquid eye liner but this one is easy to use as it just easily glide on. I have pretty oily eye lids and usually my eye makeup would smudge with 2-3 hours but the holding power of this liner is really satisfactory and I had wore it a few times over 10 hours. Would have to try this in the humid weather and see how it holds up…(Well, summer is coming soon!)

The new Fancl drink – Beautiful queen targeted at customers above 30. Basically it is a more boosted up HTC Tense up. I got the 5 bottles trial pack to test it out. Recommended course was daily intake for 1-2 months, then alternate days for 2-3 months and finally once a week for maintenance. The taste is much more stronger compared to the Fancl Tense up.

Talking about Fancl Tense up, Japan is now selling the new and re-vamped version with a new formula.


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