Paul tokyo
Another popular French pastery/bread chain in Tokyo. You can refer the link before its various locations. I went to the Kagurazaka branch as it was just 1 station away from Waseda University. (The brief stroll towards Paul had many interesting eateries along the way too)

Paul tokyo
Menu was pretty extensive so it was quite difficult to make a choice.

Paul tokyo
Don’t the tarts look delicious?

Paul tokyo
Jumbo size eclair stuffed full of chocolate cream.

Paul tokyo
Sausage bread grilled with cheese, very rich.

Paul tokyo
This was part of the wine set, more like the tasting set for their bread, cheese and their hams.

Paul tokyo
Coffee creamer is actually like a meringue puff.

Paul tokyo
Everything tasted so good that I cannot resist to go one sandwich for breakfast the next day.

Address:東京都新宿区神楽坂5-1-4 神楽坂テラス1F

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