Equito (エクイート)

Roppongi and Azabu juban has a higher density of foreigners compared to other districts in Tokyo so usually there are much more western choices around this vicinity. This small little Italian place is quite off the beaten track for me as it was huddled in a slope and it was a good 10 minutes workout just to reach this place.

This place is quite new and the waiter mentioned that their usual patrons are westerners living in the vicinity and whenever they want to watch some football.

Course meal with drink all you can for 2 hours was about 3500JPY for 1 person.

Garden salad.

Clam pasta, still a little hard in my opinion. Maybe the Japanese does their pasta in this way?

Grilled chicken and then simmered with some light tomato broth and spinach.

A little service from the waiter – vanilla icecream with a dash of rum. I guess we ladies were a little too loud? That`s why he wanted to quieten us with more dessert.

Address:〒106-0046 東京都港区元麻布2-11-6

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